Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

We are proud supporters of individual rights. Freedom is not something that is given, it is taken. Together, we aim for a future of freedoms. That starts with a united people so please join us to make our voices heard.

Are You Ready?

  • Stand Up

    We're here to spread the spirit of free will and liberty. We share and encourage the goals set forth by our founders. Freedoms and liberties will go quietly into the night if the people allow it. It's time to make heard, what so many of us feel.

  • Ready?

    Success is when preparation meets opportunity. While we can't very well predict what's going to happen next, we can always prepare, train, and learn. That's really what Ready the People is all about. Preparing for the future.

  • Community

    If you want to move fast, do it alone. If you want to move far, do it together. For progress to happen, people need to band together to make it happen. We need to talk, share ideas, and find common ground. From shared interest, we can grow.